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Permanent Supportive Housing

How’s Nashville is following the principles of permanent supportive housing. Here are the main characteristics of permanent supportive housing:

  1. Housing is affordable meaning that households should not spend more than 30% of their adjusted monthly income towards the cost of rent and utilities.
  2. Housing is permanent without any time limits for the length of stay.
  3. Residents sign their own lease and have the same rights any tenant has.
  4. Supportive services designed to assist a resident to work toward self-sufficiency are provided with the housing, but are voluntary (participation in services offered is not a condition for continued tenancy).

Permanent supportive housing is a successful and cost-effective solution to homelessness. It can be offered at site-based developments and scattered-site units – as long as the fundamental principles listed above are maintained.


Housing Navigator Training

How’s Nashville hosted its first housing navigator training. We have been working on clarifying roles and processes.

With close to 700 people housed since June 2013 in our community, we find it helpful to ensure that all our housing navigators are trained on the How’s Nashville navigation process. Thank you Karri and Deon from the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission on helping to implement this important step.

If you are working full-time with an organization that serves people who experience chronic homelessness and you are interested in learning more about the How’s Nashville housing navigator trainings, please email karri.simpson@nashville.gov or judith.tackett@nashville.gov.