Campaign Structure

Steering Committee

The How’s Nashville Steering Committee meets every two weeks to set goals, examine data, and ensure processes are in place that assist How’s Nashville housing navigators with their work to help Veterans and people experiencing chronic homelessness (or are extremely vulnerable) obtain permanent supportive housing.

Support Services Task Force

This group consists of case management providers and serves as a work group to the Steering Committee to develop and improve processes that lead people from the street to permanent supportive housing. A majority of the focus is on what our partners and the community at-large can do to connect people with the services they need once they are in housing.

Housing Navigator Meetings

The work of the How’s Nashville campaign is done at partner organizations. More than 20 of our partners are direct service providers from the nonprofit and government sectors. These agencies have integrated the How’s Nashville process into their workflow. Meanwhile more than 100 trained housing navigators reach out to people who are Veterans and/or experience chronic homelessness and walk alongside them on their path from the street/shelter system to permanent supportive housing.

Housing Navigators are invited to attend a monthly meeting where they hear direct reports from the Steering Committee and have the opportunity to share information.

Residents Meetings

The How’s Nashville steering committee launched a monthly Residents Meeting for people who found permanent housing. About a dozen people participate in the monthly meetings to share breakfast, exchange information, and give feedback to the How’s Nashville campaign leaders.

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