Michael JohnsonAre you willing to rent to households with rental barriers such as a past eviction, criminal background, or bad credit often due to extenuating circumstances such as an illness, divorce, or another unfortunate situation? If so, have you considered partnering with How’s Nashville?

We are currently looking for landlords accepting Section 8 Housing vouchers. If you are a landlord who would like to accept Section 8 Housing vouchers, please contact the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency Rental Assistance Office at 615-252-6500 or email [email protected].

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Assistance to help fill your vacant units
  • Payment of rent deposits, utility deposits, and first month’s rent
  • Case management support for formerly homeless residents
  • Contact phone numbers for a case manager of your resident, plus an addtional contact at the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission
  • Regular home visits from the resident’s case manager
  • Advice & information from other landlords who have housed people referred to them by the How’s Nashville campaign

What do we do:

The How’s Nashville campaign is driven by community partners who assist vulnerable and chronically homeless people with permanent supportive housing. Our goal is to move people who are at risk of dying in the streets into apartments. Once housed, How’s Nashville partners are linking people with case management – a social worker who connects a resident with support services and follows up with the resident on a regular basis. Our ultimate goal is to support people so they can successfully remain in housing.

Housing saves lives. Please consider being a part of the movement to end chronic homelessness in Nashville.

If you have questions:

Feel free to contact Deon Trotter, housing and outreach coordinator of the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, at 615-862-5417 or email him at [email protected].

To speak to a landlord who is partnering with us, please contact Kirby Davis with Freeman Webb, Inc. at 615-271-2714 or by emailing [email protected].




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