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Local Data on Homelessness

Strategic Planning Process 2015:

The Metropolitan Homelessness Commission together with the Frist Foundation, Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency and its Continuum of Care (CoC) partners has launched a strategic planning process. Focus Strategies is the consultant facilitating the process.

A kick-off was held on May 7. We posted the Focus Strategy PowerPoint presented at the kick-off Webinar for your review: Focus Strategies_Webinar_PP

Please find links of the most recent Housing Placement Reports below:

January 2013 Housing Placement Report

February 2013 Housing Placement Report

March 2013 Housing Placement Report

April 2013 Housing Placement Report

May 2013 Housing Placement Report

Nashville Community Self-Assessment Report (Spring 2013)

Local PowerPoints and other presentations:

How’s Nashville Launch/Registry Week Public Briefing – June 4, 2013

Nashville Registry Week Fact Sheet

Nashville Public Briefing PowerPoint Presentation

Linda Kaufman of the 100,000 Homes Campaign gave a framework of the national campaign (2/26/13):
Linda Kaufman_100KHomes

Chere’ Bradshaw works on the Memphis 100 campaign and provided an update of what Memphis has done (2/26/13):
Memphis Community Briefing Nashville version 02_2013 (1)

Will Connelly, director of the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission in Nashville, presented information about the local campaign (2/26/13):

Memphis is one of 184 communities that joined the national 100,000 Homes Campaign. Memphis100 created a progress report, which is available here:
Feb 2012 Progress report (1)

May 3rd Metropolitan Homelessness Commission Presentation – Will Connelly (05/03/13)

Other local info:

Metropolitan Homelessness Commission’s six-month Progress Report

Metro Social Services 2012 Community Needs Evaluation

The 2012 Community Needs Evaluation Update includes policy issues of Food and Nutrition, Health and Human Development, Housing and Neighborhoods, Long-Term Supports and Services and Workforce an Economic Opportunity. It also contains demographic, social and socioeconomic profiles of Davidson County, results of the Grassroots Community Survey and a section on the importance of evidence-based practices with examples for each policy area.

Other articles and information we love:

What Works Summary – These selected approaches and practices have been shown to be effective in addressing the needs of people experiencing homelessness and living with serious mental illness and/or substance use disorders.

Three Homes Framework (Ken Kraybill) – the many meanings of home.

Homelessness Visualization (SOAR) – imagine what it would be like to experience homelessness (from SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery training at

“This Work” poem by Ken Kraybill

Read about the role collective impact plays in achieving social change: Embracing Emergence: How Collective Impact Addresses Complexity by John Kania & Mark Kramer

Assessing Criminal History as a Predictor of Housing Success

The Applicability of Housing First Models to Homeless Persons with Serious Mental Illness

Stabilizing Homeless Adults in Crisis

100,000 Homes Campaign

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