Our Housing Strategy

How’s Nashville is a community-wide, collaborative, and inclusive effort to end chronic homelessness in Nashville within this decade. It was launched by the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission in 2013. The How’s Nashville campaign is driven by community partners that meet regularly to work on the initiative’s goals and monitor its progress.
How’s Nashville uses the following principles to guide our work to end chronic homelessness:
Permanent Supportive Housing
House people as soon as possible then put in place services to keep people housed. This approach believes that every person is housing ready. Housing is a human right.
Mainstream Resources
Resources for people with low incomes can and should be leveraged to end chronic/veterans homelessness. Example: Housing Choice Vouchers and Medicaid.
Matching the right housing intervention based on need with the least resources necessary. Focus on the most chronic/vulnerable first.
Data Driven Decisions
Move away from anecdotal to qualitative and quantitative measures which drive the right strategic intervention.
Relationships First
  • Expect and give front-line staff autonomy to build trust first by engaging people where they are and placing decision-making power in the hands of the people they help.
  • Invest in being able to assist a person on the path the person chooses for him/herself, rather than in a particular program model that is selected  for them.
  • Keep the relationship a form of friendship, partner for professional services.
  • Maximize our ability to help and focus on the long-term success of participants by allowing and expecting each person to do all they can to assist him/herself.
  • Understand the landlord’s business model, the police’s needs, and the importance of  workers’ personal relationships with both.

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  1. tracy dexter

    I have a free room for a young lady in exchange for housework I’m a single woman and could use the company


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