Writing an essay about homelessness - where to start?

Homelessness is an acute problem in almost every country on earth, and the United States is no exception. One of the most common essay topics you may be asked to write at school or college is an essay on homelessness. Of course, this is a vast and complex topic that can be very difficult for a student to understand. They need to have reliable research data, up-to-date statistics, and the necessary skills so that their work can be graded on its merits. In this article, we will look at how to correctly write a how to help the homeless essay demonstrate your knowledge and skills in a favorable light. 

So, before you start writing your essay, you need to pick a relevant topic. Among others, you can choose the following suggestions: 

  • Why is it so hard for people to get out of homelessness?
  • Is homelessness a national, domestic, or personal problem?
  • Today's ways to make a difference in homelessness soon
  • Are psychological problems the cause of homelessness? What percentage of the psychologically ill population is homeless? 

In addition to choosing a topic, another critical element to the success of an article is structuring it properly: 

  • The first introductory paragraph should contain general information about your topic, which should also express your main idea
  • The following paragraph should be devoted to presenting arguments and backing them up with convincing evidence
  • Next, you should highlight the materials you have managed to obtain on the given topic so that your audience can see and believe your words
  • Depending on your assignment, you may also provide counterarguments on your topic (if your task is to write an argumentative essay directly)
  • The final part should confirm your thesis and emphasize its significance
  • In the end, you must indicate the sources you worked with and where you got your information from. 

Below we will highlight an example of such an essay to make it easier for you to navigate in the future.

The main problems of homelessness – sample essay

When we look at homeless people begging for alms, we think they are to blame for their current condition. Indeed, some people do not want to improve their lives, but this is by no means the only reason. For example, the cause of people's homelessness and even entire families is natural disasters, which deprive people of everything, even documents. It takes far more than one month to restore it. In addition, unhappy marriages and divorces can also leave people with nothing. People with psychological problems, such as the military or former prisoners, cannot get used to everyday life and become trash. Also, current homeless people may often have been victims of scammers who have taken away their residences. 

People should not be blamed for their current situation, which may have contributed to this result for many different reasons. Instead, society should start working to find effective ways to deal with this problem. 

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