Landlord engagement

The key aspect of a successful campaign to end homelessness is landlord engagement. As communities we talk a lot about coordinated entry systems and a housing first approach.

However, without a clear, coordinated exit strategy, we will end up with a new way of creating a community waiting list, which is not our goal. Thus, landlord engagement is a key strategy that Nashville is building up on.

The main aspect is building and maintaining relationships with private market landlords as the city is expanding its work on retaining affordable housing opportunities. Often times, these relationships allow us to ask for a little lenience on a person’s background and convince a landlord to give a family/individual a chance.

Thanks to our efforts, Nashville has been able to increase its monthly housing placement rate since 2013. With an increasing difficult affordable rental market, we need more landlord engagements to maintain these relationships and create more opportunities for the people we serve.


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