End of 2016 by 2016 campaign

Our community launched the 2016 by 2016 campaign in January 2015. The campaign ended in December.

How’s Nashville partners have assisted a total of 1,742 people who had experienced chronic homelessness with permanent housing between January 1, 2015, and December 31, 2016.

Of those housed, 1,281 experienced chronic homelessness and 461 were homeless Veterans.

The initial goal was to assist 1,421 people who were experiencing chronic homelessness or who were extremely vulnerable. However, we never counted people who were vulnerable but did not meet the federal chronic definition of homelessness. Thus, while it looks like we fell short of our goal, we may have well come closer than our official result.

What we celebrate is that through this effort, our community increased our average monthly housing effort from 19 people experiencing chronic homelessness who were assisted with permanent housing to 54 people who moved into permanent housing each month. That is a 184% increase in our monthly housing placement rate!

In addition, our community’s support programs reported housing retention after one year of 80-82%. This compares to studies that show that without support, only about 25-30% of people experiencing chronic homelessness retain their housing after 12 month.

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