Will Connelly – Homelessness Commission Director leaving

Personal entry from Judith Tackett, assistant director of the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission:

The picture in this post is how I pretty much was introduced to Will.

Get focused, gather the community together, set a goal, and bring Anderson Cooper in to show the rest of the country what we can do here in Nashville when we pull together!

Today is Will’s last day at work. I am acting as if he goes on vacation or I will be an emotional wreck.

So many of the How’s Nashville partners have approached me this week mirroring my own feelings. We are happy for Will and his family and wish them all the best, but we all realize that we are losing a powerhouse here in Nashville.

Will, what you have done for this community is huge. You have brought us together and for the first time in the city’s history, we have all gathered around a distinct goal in our fight to end homelessness. We have made a dent.

Let us all turn our sadness to hope and to a commitment of continuing the work.

Thank  you Will for setting a path that Nashville can proudly follow and improve on. We have a lot left to do.

Thank you Will for all that you have done for our community.

Thank you Will for being a friend. We will be in touch!

Read the farewell article that the Tennessean published this week.

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