How you can help

During holiday season people often want to get involved in a meaningful way.

The most important and direct assistance you can provide is a donation to help cover move-in costs for people experiencing homelessness. It costs about $1,000 to set up a household and pay for deposits, first month’s rent, etc. You find more information on our Support Us page.

How’s Nashville is a collaborative initiative and consists of many partner organizations that could use a helping hand year-round. We put together a Volunteer page where you can click on any partner organization’s name and will be directly linked to the volunteer information posted on their Websites.

Most importantly, talk to people experiencing homelessness. Learn about their struggles. Once you get to know people, you will be surprised to learn that most of them will tell you that they want assistance with housing and they would like to see a system that links them directly to the support they need (rather than the fragmented system of care we have right now in Nashville).


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