New tool shows supportive housing needs at state levels

CSH, a national organization that helps communities advance housing solutions, has developed a new data tool that shows the levels of need for supportive housing nationwide. The tool allows you to go in and look at each state’s unit needs. In addition, you can filter the tool by population.

The tool is as good as the data that we provide at the state level. In other words, if we, at the local level in Nashville are not confident in our data output because we still need to create more buy-in to share data community-wide, then we have to think critically about tools like these and work to improve our community data.

This is another reason for us here in Nashville to understand what sharing data can mean, why we need renewed efforts to gather quality community data, and how having good data can directly impact how we assist people who are in need of housing. Having strong community data allows us to advocate better for the people we serve.

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