Housing Placement updates for 2016

So far this year, Nashville’s provider community has assisted 278 people experiencing chronic homelessness and 102 Veterans move into their own housing. These numbers seemed to be unachievable three years ago at the launch of the How’s Nashville campaign.

Let’s recap:

Prior to June 2013, the average monthly housing placement hovered around 19 people. Then, in June 2013, our community launched the How’s Nashville campaign with a 100-Day challenge to house 200 people in 100 days. We did miss the target by a few people, but as a community we celebrated the success of housing over 70 people during July and overall managed to double the average monthly housing placement rate.

By 2014, we had reached an average housing placement rate of approximately 45 people per month. At the end of 2015, that number had increased to 59 people a month.

And we have kept it steady ever since. In May of 2016 alone, our partner agencies helped 88 people who struggled with chronic homelessness move into permanent housing. This is a number, we could not have fathomed three years ago.

Thank you Nashville! Thank you to all provider agencies!


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