Focus Strategies Report Evaluating Nashville’s Homelessness Response System

The following is a letter from Will Connelly, the director of the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, which has released a new community report that evaluates Nashville’s current homelessness response system:

“In 2015, we hired a national consulting firm, Focus Strategies, to give our community advice on how to end homelessness.  That advice is now in the form of a final report and set of recommendations that are attached to this email. While the report is lengthy, I hope you will find time to read it in the near future.

After months of hard work with Focus Strategies, MDHA, and the Frist Foundation, the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission (MHC) is pleased to share this final report.  As the director of the MHC, I believe we can come together under a strong and unified governance structure to create a housing crisis resolution system that will effectively end homelessness in Nashville.  Ending homelessness means that no one in our community has to be without a place to live for more than 30 days.  That’s the goal, and this report is our compass.

After listening to local stakeholders and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of our system, Focus Strategies provided recommendations tailored to housing all of the people experiencing homelessness in Nashville as quickly as possible. This is an incredibly urgent task, as people continue to live and die on the streets of our city.

The Metropolitan Homelessness Commission continues to prioritize ending homelessness as an urgent community crisis. Moving forward, we are dedicated to creating a system that quickly and effectively houses our neighbors who have fallen into homelessness. We look forward to partnering with you to implement the recommendations in this report and make homelessness in Nashville rare, brief, and one-time.”

Please find the reports that were published on March 23, 2016, on our Housing Crisis Resolution System tab under the About page.

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