2016 by 2016

What is the 2016 by 2016 campaign?

Facebook pageThe 2016 by 2016 campaign is our next phase in the How’s Nashville collaboration. It aligns itself with the national Zero: 2016 campaign, and through the 2016 by 2016 campaign How’s Nashville commits to create a sustainable system that will end

  • Veterans homelessness by housing 595 Veterans by 12/31/2015;
  • chronic homelessness by housing 1421 individuals by 12/31/2016; and
  • all family and youth homelessness by 12/31/2020.

This is the How’s Nashville movement’s Aim Statement. This is what we stand for. This is what we are asking all our community partners to sign up for.

How’s Nashville is a collaboration, a movement, a community effort. It includes people from all sectors who join as individuals and through their organizations around the goal to end homelessness in Nashville.

How can you support the 2016 by 2016 campaign?

Take action! Do one or all of the following:

  1. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @HowsNashville.
  2. Post a video on our Facebook page stating your support for #2016by2016. (Here is an example from two of our How’s Nashville residents)
  3. Donate a tax-deductible fund by making a check out to “How’s Nashville – 2016by2016” and mail it to: Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, attn: Will Connelly, PO Box 196300, Nashville, TN 37219-6300

Mayor Dean supports 2016 by 2016

What does ending homelessness really mean?

We are striving to end Veterans and chronic homelessness  by reaching “functional zero” – a term used by experts and defined as follows:

Functional Zero is reached when, at any point in time, the number of people (Veterans or chronic) experiencing sheltered or unsheltered homelessness will be no greater than the current monthly housing placement rate for that population.

In other words, functional zero means that our community has a coordinated system in place so that no Veteran and no person who experiences chronic homelessness has to be on the streets or in the shelters of Nashville for longer than 30 days.

Yes, we still will see people who are homeless, but we have solutions to assist every person with housing opportunities within 30 days.

Questions about 2016 by 2016?

Please contact Judith Tackett – judith.tackett@nashville.gov or 615-880-2360 if you want more information on our 2016 by 2016 campaign.

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