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5 things to be grateful for in 2015

At year’s end, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone in our community who is part of the How’s Nashville movement:

  1. Our number one thank you always goes out to all the partners in the How’s Nashville movement who work diligently on assisting people experiencing homelessness transition from shelter or street to permanent supportive housing.
  2. All the residents and partner organizations – especially from Fairfield Inn & Suites, Downtown at the Gulch , the Community Resource Center, and the East Park Community Center – who made our monthly residents meeting a great success throughout 2015!
  3. All the landlords who worked with our partner agencies to help house 890 homeless Veterans and people experiencing chronic homelessness between January and November of 2015 (December numbers have not been calculated yet).
  4. All the donors who supported the How’s Nashville efforts by giving more than $78,000 in private funding directly to the How’s Nashville fund. This contribution does not count the numerous donations and volunteer efforts to partner agencies that diligently work toward assisting people with housing. Even though, our How’s Nashville fund fell a little short this year and we were unable to cover all the requests – we were able to assist many, many residents with move-in costs this year. Thank you! You helped us remove the last barriers to housing for a lot of people.
  5. And of course, we want to thank all the people who are still struggling with homelessness for their patience and their willingness to work with our partners, even when we have not figured out everything yet. Thank you and please help us improve our system, so that we get to the point where we, as a community, are able to assist any person who falls into homelessness by making it brief, rare, and non-recurring,

All of you combined is our community’s How’s Nashville movement! Thank you!


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