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Consider a Donation to Cover Move-in Costs

How’s Nashville is a community effort and as such, we created a line item within the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission that is accessible to our partner agencies to cover move-in costs that other organizations won’t pay for.

Over the past two and a half years all donations came from the private sector and 100% of the money has been used to cover security and utility deposits (NES, water, gas), first month rent, furniture and household items, and some backpay. We spendĀ  an average of $600 per person on move-in costs and have a limit of $1,000 per person in assistance. Our partner agencies apply for this money directly for clients who experience chronic homelessness and are considered among the most vulnerable people living in Nashville’s streets and shelters.

With your help, we can break the cycle of chronic homelessness for many of our fellow Nashvillians. Thanks to these contributions, our community partners (How’s Nashville) have been able to assist 1,500 people with permanent housing.

This year alone, an average of 54 people experiencing chronic homelessness have moved into permanent housing. This number is about triple the housing placement rate prior to the How’s Nashville campaign. The current housing retention rate is about 80%.

Please consider a donation to the How’s Nashville fund as your year-end gift to our community – there is no administration cost that will be deducted from it and 100% of every dollar you send will benefit a person in need.

You can donate online or you can make our a check to “How’s Nashville” and mail it to the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, attn: Will Connelly, PO Box 196300, Nashville, TN 37219-6300.

While we cannot give you legal advice and urge you to check with your tax advisor – all donations we receive have been considered tax-exempt and we will send you an acknowledgement letter.

Focus Strategies2

Focus Strategies Report

The Metropolitan Homelessness Commission has partnered with the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA) and the Frist Foundation to engage Focus Strategies in a strategic planning process for our community’s approach to homelessness.

As part of that process, Focus Strategies has been working on a right-sizing report that includes recommendations of systems changes to create a community response that focuses on ending homelessness in Nashville. Focus Strategies presented a preliminary report at last week’s Metropolitan Homelessness Commission meeting on November 6, 2015.

The final report is expected in December, and we will post it here as well.

Click the following links to read the preliminary report and the accompanying PowerPoint presentation: