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How’s Nashville featured on Channel 5 Plus – OpenLine

Last week, Karri Simpson with the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, Traci Pekovitch with the Mental Health Cooperative, and Cayla Wilson with Park Center were on Channel 5 Plus’ OpenLine to talk about ending homelessness. In particular, they explained the benefits of our local CABHI-TN grant, which provided a $1.5-million, three-year federal grant through SAMHSA to end Veteran and chronic homelessness in our community.

To watch the coverage, visit OpenLine on YouTube.

August summary

August Housing Report

Our latest monthly housing placement report has been posted to our Website. The goal of How’s Nashville partners is to help 2,016 people who experience homelessness obtain permanent housing and retain that housing.

To reach that goal, How’s Nashville partners created the 2016 by 2016 campaign and since January our community has been able to increase the monthly housing placement compared to last year by almost 10 people per month. That comparison only examines people experiencing chronic homelessness because we added a focus to end Veteran homelessness through the 2016 by 2016 campaign in January.

To support our community efforts, please help us identify landlords willing to partner with the How’s Nashville campaign. You can also assist us with a financial contribution that will help pay for move-in cost for people.

camp mtg 5

Encampment envisioning process

The Metropolitan Homelessness Commission together with other How’s Nashville partners held an encampment envisioning meeting on Monday, September 28, 2015.

The Homelessness Commission will accept comments on the envisioning document for one week. The deadline for the comment period is Thursday, October 8, at noon.

If you would like to submit a clear, concise and brief comment, please email Written comments for people without online access should be addressed to “attn: Judith Tackett, Metropolitan Homelessness Commission” and submitted at the front desk of Metro Social Services, 800 2nd Avenue North, 37201 by deadline.

The envisioning document, meeting minutes and a PowerPoint explaining other cities’ approaches to homeless encampments are posted online.