June Housing Placements

June Housing Placement

How’s Nashville partners exceeded the June-goal of assisting people experiencing chronic homelessness with permanent housing. Our goal was to help 64 people obtain housing and we actually assisted 67.

At this time last year, we maintained an average housing placement rate of 44 people per month. In comparison, since we launched the current 2016 by 2016 campaign in January, we assist on average 54 people who experience chronic homelessness with housing.

It is important to understand that How’s Nashville is a collaboration that includes most of our community service provider agencies who mainly work with people experiencing homelessness. Therefore, the numbers the How’s Nashville partners report out are trying to capture the housing placement rate at a community level.

One thought on “June Housing Placement

  1. Deborah Montgomery

    I am so glad you are working on this. Bravo!

    Are you in touch with Rev. Jeff Carr. He is raising funds on Gofundme.com to build micro houses for the homeless. This is a good idea for those who can not get section 8 vouchers. Deb


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