Ft. Negley_July 2015

How you can make a difference right now…

If you have been following the media over the past few days and hear about the campsite at Ft. Negley and wonder how you can help, here is what we hope you will do:

Support How’s Nashville​’s #2016by2016 campaign. We need donations to cover move-in costs for people experiencing chronic homelessness, and we need landlords accepting Section 8 vouchers (housing choice vouchers).

Right now several of the people have Section 8 vouchers obtained with the assistance of How’s Nashville partners, but they cannot find a landlord to accept them. In addition, there are about 100 homeless Veterans in our community who have housing vouchers in hand and cannot find landlords with available units to accept their vouchers.

In addition, our move-in funds are running out. So what can you do right now?

1. If you are a landlord, reach out to Deon Trotter (deon.trotter@nashville.gov)
2. For all others, please make a donation. (please be aware crowd-funding contributions are not tax-deductible…)

… for a tax-deductible donation, please make out a check to “How’s Nashville” and mail it to Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, attn: Will Connelly, P.O. Box 196300, Nashville, TN, 37219-6300.

Share this post with your friends and take the extra step to follow up with them to take action. Please help.

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