How’s Nashville – 2016 by 2016 Aim Statement

2016 by 2016 – How’s Nashville commits to a sustainable system that will end

  • Veterans homelessness by housing 595 Veterans by 12/31/2015;
  • chronic homelessness by housing 1421 individuals by 12/31/2016; and
  • all family and youth homelessness by 12/31/2020.

This is the How’s Nashville movement’s Aim Statement. This is what we stand for. This is what we are asking all our community partners to sign up for.

How’s Nashville is a collaboration, a movement, a community effort. It includes people from all sectors who join as individuals and through their organizations around the goal to end homelessness in Nashville.

Our newest campaign is called 2016 by 2016 – housing 2,016 homeless Veterans and people experiencing chronic homelessness by the end of 2016.

Please join the movement, contact Judy at to learn how.


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