March 2015 Housing Placement rate

2016 by 2016: Housing Placement Rates

Since the launch of How’s Nashville in June 2013 until the end of December 2014, our community has housed 900 people who are chronically homeless or extremely vulnerable. Starting in January 2015, How’s Nashville launched the 2016 by 2016 campaign.

The 2016 by 2016 campaign reports out on housing placement progress for two groups: Veterans and people experiencing chronic homelessness (including families).  The goal is to assist 595 local Veterans with permanent housing by the end of 2015 and 1,421 people experiencing chronic and/or vulnerable homelessness by the end of 2016.

Here are the housing placement reports for the first quarter of 2015:

  • January: 39 Veterans & 47 people experiencing chronic homelessness
  • February: 19 Veterans & 36 people experiencing chronic homelessness
  • March: 32 Veterans & 67 people experiencing chronic homelessness

How’s Nashville is a community movement and encompasses partners from the nonprofit, government and private sectors who work on ending homelessness in Nashville. Our numbers reflect community reports. The Metropolitan Homelessness Commission accumulates the numbers directly from its partner organizations and reports these totals back out.


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