March 17 residents meeting

Message to donors from residents

How’s Nashville residents want to let donors know what a difference their contribution has made in their lives:

  • Having housing means to have your own key, one resident said.
  • I now have a restroom and can take a shower, another one added.
  • I can do my laundry.
  • I have my own bed.
  • We are protected from the elements and in a health emergency, we can call for help and deal with it.
  • We have privacy, we don’t need to worry about police harassment.
  • And then, one resident said that we cannot forget to write down the peace of mind that housing brings. All of them agreed.
  • One person described how the stress of living on the street aggravated symptoms of paranoia and bi-polar disease. “I could not make any sound decisions for myself until I was in housing.”

Please consider making a difference in a person’s life by donating to the How’s Nashville fund.


One thought on “Message to donors from residents

  1. Deborah Montgomery

    Amen. I am so glad you are working on getting everyone housed. I am proud that Nashville cares about affordable housing.i am going to vote for a mayoral candidate who has this as a priority so there is some action on this problem. Deb


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