Aging of homeless population

We just stumbled across an interesting study from Dennis Culhane who looked at the aging homeless population.

In essence, the study, which is called The Aging of Contemporary Homelessness says that if we are looking at ending homelessness among single adults, we need to continue our focus on supportive housing for single adults who were born between 1954 and 1967. Looking at who How’s Nashville partners is serving now, this population fits right in. The average age of folks who are still housed after one year is 49.6.

Families generally remain most vulnerable in their early 20s. Culhane mostly focused on the population that has struggled with homelessness since the 1980s, which he describes as the present generation of homelessness.

However, Culhane warns, a new generation of homelessness could be created if we do not include strong prevention efforts for veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars, youth aging out of foster care, and young people released from the prison systems.

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