900 People Housed

Since the launch of How’s Nashville in June 4, 2013, and the end of December, 2014, we have assisted 900 people who had experienced chronic homelessness and/or were vulnerable with permanent supportive housing.

Please view our latest Housing Placement Report.

The following data describes our campaign partners’ achievements during 2014:

546 people obtained permanent housing from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.

64% meet the “chronic only” definition.

5% meet the “vulnerable only” definition.

31% meet the “chronic and vulnerable” definition.

One thought on “900 People Housed

  1. Deborah montgomery

    I am so proud of y’all and this program. Keep up the good work. The goals for housing vets and everybody else is great but just getting one housed is great. I like that you are supporting and checking on the rate people stay housed.. Deb


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