Community Solutions’ Problem-solving Process

Community Solutions is the national organization that gained attention when its 100,000 Homes Campaign exceeded its goal in June 2014 to help communities permanently house 100,000 vulnerable people who experienced chronic homelessness. The success was featured on 60 Minutes who sent Anderson Cooper to Nashville to cover the How’s Nashville campaign as an example of what communities can achieve when they focus on their available resources.

In a new article about Community Solution, Roseanne Haggerty focuses on the problem-solving process that has proven successful in cities across the nation including Nashville. The key steps to that process are:

  • Identify the early adopters and leaders in a community;
  • Help them really understand the problem and see it as a shared problem, one they can solve together;
  • Help them map the current reality to see exactly where they are now;
  • Set specific and ambitious goals; and
  • Develop a plan, a data-driven timeline, to reach the goal.

Read the full article, which also includes input from Will Connelly, the director of the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, who speaks on the importance of creating a sense of urgency.

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