A Snapshot of Chronic Homelessness in Nashville

Between February and August of 2014, How’s Nashville partners conducted 716 surveys with individuals who have experienced long-term homelessness. The following data reveals the a snapshot homelessness for individuals in Nashville.

Specifically, the data stems from a common assessment tool (self-reported survey) called VI-SPDAT.

  • 516 or 81% out of 716 surveyed experience chronic homelessness;
  • 88% have compromised mental health;
  • 37% report head trauma or brain injury;
  • 78% have a serious health condition;
  • 69% have substance abuse.

The 516 people who have experienced chronic homelessness accounted for:

  • 917 ambulance rides;
  • 2,196 police interactions;
  • 1,806 emergency room visits.

In addition, of the 516 people, 53% have no health insurance and 49% have tri-morbidity meaning that they are dealing with mental and physical health and substance use issues.


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