Housing Navigators

If you follow the How’s Nashville campaign regularly, you may have heard the term “Housing Navigator” and wonder what that role entails.

How’s Nashville Housing Navigators are frontline service providers who walk alongside a person who has experienced homelessness for a long time and is considered vulnerable. The role of the Housing Navigator is to assist people on removing barriers to housing, help them get their documents together that they will need before being able to rent an apartment, advocate for them, link them to health and other services in our city, and generally provide support and encouragement along the way.

Housing Navigators meet every two weeks to discuss how to assist people and exchange ideas about available resources for the people they serve. It is all about the How’s Nashville partnerships, the collaborative spirit, that we have created in our community.

In short, the How’s Nashville campaign simply would not exist without the dedication, passion, and care of our Housing Navigators.

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