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Community-wide Housing Numbers

How’s Nashville is coming up on its one-year anniversary in June.

We have been reporting on a monthly basis on the housing numbers, which are community-wide numbers of people who have experienced chronic homelessness and/or were identified as being vulnerable and have been assisted with permanent housing opportunities.

To date:

  • 471 people have moved into housing between June 2013 and April 1, 2014 (47 per month);
  • 142 Section 8 housing vouchers have been assigned by MDHA through the How’s Nashville effort;
  • 99 of these vouchers have been leased (70% of the people with vouchers in hand are housed, the remaining 30% are still looking for landlords);
  • 97 of the 99 vouchers are still active (one was lost because a person died; the other was revoked).

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