How’s Nashville: Updates on All Fronts

Here is what’s happening in How’s Nashville:

  • We are working hard on the implementation of our new Central Entry System (CES) and have made our first housing match!
  • In the meantime, one of the lead brains behind our How’s Nashville movement, Metropolitan Homelessness Commission’s director Will Connelly, has been recognized as the Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 honorees for 2013. This means that our city is recognizing Will’s efforts and acknowledging the results our How’s Nashville partners have achieved this past few months!
  • We just finished our Friday Case Conferencing meeting where we discuss people who are most vulnerable in our community and how to best assist them as we move them towards housing.
  • And… today “Dr. John” just signed his lease and as we type this, he is moving into his own apartment. “Dr. John” has experienced chronic homelessness and is one of the people who proves that we need to keep in touch with every person who is still un-housed and work towards housing.

This is what it’s all about. Thank you “Dr. John” for your hard work and congratulations to your move-in!

We can do this, How’s Nashville! Thank you to all our partners!

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