Central Entry System Increases Collaborative Work

Today was our second Case Conference meeting where Nashville service providers meet to discuss the appropriate measures to connect people who have been homeless and are vulnerable with housing opportunities.

Since the How’s Nashville campaign launched its second 100 Day Goal, which is to create a citywide Central Entry System (CES), collaboration among our partners has increased.

Our goal is to connect 100 households (50 individuals and 50 families) with housing by May 30. In this process, Nashville is implementing a new screening tool called the VI-SPDAT, which will help determine the vulnerability of participants. The goal is to get away from a first-come, first-serve system and match people with the appropriate housing opportunity in a timely manner.

Our biggest need remains identifying landlords willing to work with us on this campaign. If you are a landlord, please contact Judith Tackett at 615-880-2360.

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