Boot Camp on Coordinated Entry

After tonight’s airing of 60 Minutes (Feb. 9, CBS, 6 p.m.), which plans to feature the How’s Nashville campaign as an example of the 100,000 Homes Campaign, no one will doubt Nashville’s dedication to ending chronic homelessness.

The campaign’s partners have come together once again and participated in a two-day boot camp last week to start a Coordinated Entry System (CES) in Nashville.

We will announce our next goal in a small event in the auditorium of the Nashville Downtown Library, 615 Church Street, at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, February 10. The event is tied to the 60 Minutes-piece and will be cancelledĀ if 60 Minutes does not air the segment. In that case, we will post our goals here and make a direct announcement to media and our forthcoming newsletter.

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