Update from George Finney

George stopped by this morning to pick up a bus pass to get to a job interview that he had lined up for today. He said it was OK to share this with all the How’s Nashville friends because he wants for people to understand what life after homelessness is like for him and others who have recently moved into their own apartment. George has been living in his own apartment since October now.

He’s been working with someone who is a distributor of Access Wireless phones. The job interview is his chance to get his own distribution opportunity. “It’s kind of like a big step for me,” he said, asking us all to keep our fingers crossed for him. “I don’t have it yet. it’s just a job interview at this point.”

It’s been one step at a time for him. When we’ve seen him, he’s been in good spirits and still very grateful for the opportunities that the How’s Nashville campaign has offered him. And every time he asks how he can give back – sharing his story with the public is one of the ways he does that.

Meanwhile he is connected to case management, and while he admitted that it took him a little bit at first to warm up to case management, his case manager has been a great. He said he wouldn’t want to miss that assistance now.

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