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Update from George Finney

George stopped by this morning to pick up a bus pass to get to a job interview that he had lined up for today. He said it was OK to share this with all the How’s Nashville friends because he wants for people to understand what life after homelessness is like for him and others who have recently moved into their own apartment. George has been living in his own apartment since October now.

He’s been working with someone who is a distributor of Access Wireless phones. The job interview is his chance to get his own distribution opportunity. “It’s kind of like a big step for me,” he said, asking us all to keep our fingers crossed for him. “I don’t have it yet. it’s just a job interview at this point.”

It’s been one step at a time for him. When we’ve seen him, he’s been in good spirits and still very grateful for the opportunities that the How’s Nashville campaign has offered him. And every time he asks how he can give back – sharing his story with the public is one of the ways he does that.

Meanwhile he is connected to case management, and while he admitted that it took him a little bit at first to warm up to case management, his case manager has been a great. He said he wouldn’t want to miss that assistance now.

Homeless Memorial 2013

Video of Nashville’s 2013 Homeless Memorial

Please remember the 64 people who passed away in Nashville in 2013 – 14 of them were formerly homeless, 50 were homeless when they died.

Thank you Russ Anthony for your touching video of the 2013 Homeless Memorial.

Fathi Abbas Abdullah
Anthony Alsup
Jack “Cowboy” Atkins
Troy Bahnsen
Rochelle Bigsby
Grant Boatwright
Joe Boatwright
Michael Bollinger
Robert Brown
Gerald Burgetts
Carlos Butler
Trina Carter
Meg Chrisman
Aqua Curtis
Quinton Davis
Kenneth Dodson
Philip Drake
Alton Edmondson
Don Edwards
Grace Eyong
Rainold Fageth
James Fulmer
Tim Gordon
Gilbert “Mike” Hall
Raymond Hampton
Skip Hendon
Jarrod Holland
Johnny Johnson
Michael Jones
Thomas Lane
Steve Mason
Claude McCathern
Barbara McFadden
Ronnie Mitchell
Wayne Monk
Betty Jean Nelson
Barbara Odom
Eileen O’Nale
Jeffrey Orange
James Pardue
Lori “Angela” Partin
George Patton
James Perkins
Richard Wayne Potts
Jimmy Pullum
Nels “David” Quam
Colby Reeves
Brenda Rippy
Augustine Roman
Loren “The Boss” Ross
Herbert Seward
Bobby Shannon
Adarious Sharper
Linda Simpson
Randy Smith
Melinda Stewart
Patrick Thompson
Meek Timothy
Alex Tucker
Charles Victory
Mark Wheaton
Rex Dale Wilson
Gregory Wolfgram
Homer York



REIN – Real Estate Investors

We would like to thank REIN – Real Estate Investors of Tennessee for allowing us to present to their landlords about How’s Nashville and calling on landlords to support the campaign. We especially would like to express our thanks to Harold Plemons and Kirby Davis for bringing their landlord perspectives to the discussion.

Currently our biggest needs is finding landlords willing to partner with How’s Nashville, so that we can fully utilize the 18 Section 8 vouchers we receive every month from the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA).

If you are a landlord, we encourage you to browse our landlord page and contact us with any questions.

street homelessness2

New Local Homeless Data

How’s Nashville campaign partners continue to conduct Vulnerability index (VI) surveys. Since mid-May, more than 1,000 people who experienced homelessness in Nashville have been surveyed.

The VI questions aim to find out how vulnerable people are. The resulting list helps communities such as Nashville prioritize housing based on medical vulnerability replacing a first-come-first-serve approach.

Of the 1,028 individuals surveyed between May and December, 604 (59%) were found to have health conditions associated with high mortality risk and thus, were considered vulnerable.

To view the full report, please click the following link: VI Results_May-Dec.