Source of Income

Local volunteers, outreach specialists and case managers have conducted 1,016 Vulnerability Index surveys of people experiencing homelessness in Nashville. We received a question of how many people who are homeless do not have an income.

Of the 1,016 people surveyed 596 are considered medically vulnerable, and all people surveyed have been experiencing long-term homelessness. They reported the following income sources:

  • 22% work on the books;
  • 13.6% work off the books;
  • 12% panhandle;
  • 10.4% receive SSI/SSDI;
  • 17.7% receive SSI; and
  • 42.9% receive Food Stamps.

(Since every person was asked to list all income sources that apply, the total percentage will not add up to 100%).

Based on these surveys, we found that 51.17% reported not having an income.

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