George Finney

George Finney, 56, overheard on a bus ride that Metro Social Services may provide some help. He had recently moved into a transitional home in Nashville after successfully finishing the rehab program at Buffalo Valley.

Mr. Finney had been struggling with homelessness since January 1994. In September of 1993 his wife passed away, and that’s when his world fell apart. He said he started getting into drugs and wound up on the streets in Memphis for the next 20 years.

Once at Metro Social Services, his case manager, Luz Belleza-Binns, helped him find Section 8 housing through the How’s Nashville campaign. This week, Mr. Finney spoke to a group of 50 landlords to tell his story and encourage them to partner with How’s Nashville and give people like him a chance to turn their lives around.

“When I slept that’s the only time I had some peace and I used to hate to wake up,” Mr. Finney said about his life on the streets. “I still have my problems and stuff, but today they’re not as bad as they used to be because today I can go lay down, I can go in the house.”

Hear from Mr. Finney himself by watching Video 1 and Video 2, which taped portions of his speech from the landlord meeting hosted by the Metropolitan Housing and Development Agency.


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