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Boulevard Bolt

How’s Nashville partners thank all participants of the Boulevard Bolt. We were selected as a grant recipient and will utilize the money to help further our community’s goal to end chronic homelessness in four years.

Our current monthly goal is to assist 45 people who have experienced long-term homelessness and are considered vulnerable with permanent supportive housing. In October, Nashville nonprofit agencies helped 50 people move into their own apartments.

Thank you Nashville!


Source of Income

Local volunteers, outreach specialists and case managers have conducted 1,016 Vulnerability Index surveys of people experiencing homelessness in Nashville. We received a question of how many people who are homeless do not have an income.

Of the 1,016 people surveyed 596 are considered medically vulnerable, and all people surveyed have been experiencing long-term homelessness. They reported the following income sources:

  • 22% work on the books;
  • 13.6% work off the books;
  • 12% panhandle;
  • 10.4% receive SSI/SSDI;
  • 17.7% receive SSI; and
  • 42.9% receive Food Stamps.

(Since every person was asked to list all income sources that apply, the total percentage will not add up to 100%).

Based on these surveys, we found that 51.17% reported not having an income.


Community Solutions Features Nashville

Community Solutions, the organization behind the 100,000 Homes Campaign, features the How’s Nashville campaign in its annual fundraising letter.

Here are some excerpts from the letter signed by Rosanne Haggerty, president of Community Solutions:

“This spring we invested in a team of unsung heroes in Nashivlle, TN. The city had recently joined our 100,000 Homes Campaign, and local advocates wanted our help to improve the way they worked together.”

“In just three months, this new team created a high performing, collaborative system to move homeless people into stable homes quickly and permanently.”

Here is a link to the the Community Solutions letter.

Thank you, Nashville partners, for your dedication and focus!


George Finney

George Finney, 56, overheard on a bus ride that Metro Social Services may provide some help. He had recently moved into a transitional home in Nashville after successfully finishing the rehab program at Buffalo Valley.

Mr. Finney had been struggling with homelessness since January 1994. In September of 1993 his wife passed away, and that’s when his world fell apart. He said he started getting into drugs and wound up on the streets in Memphis for the next 20 years.

Once at Metro Social Services, his case manager, Luz Belleza-Binns, helped him find Section 8 housing through the How’s Nashville campaign. This week, Mr. Finney spoke to a group of 50 landlords to tell his story and encourage them to partner with How’s Nashville and give people like him a chance to turn their lives around.

“When I slept that’s the only time I had some peace and I used to hate to wake up,” Mr. Finney said about his life on the streets. “I still have my problems and stuff, but today they’re not as bad as they used to be because today I can go lay down, I can go in the house.”

Hear from Mr. Finney himself by watching Video 1 and Video 2, which taped portions of his speech from the landlord meeting hosted by the Metropolitan Housing and Development Agency.



Helping People with Housing

How’s Nashville partners’ outreach and case management folks meet every two weeks to go through the Vulnerability Index, which helps prioritize housing for people who have experienced homelessness for a long time and are considered most vulnerable in our community.

We really want to stress that the work happens within our partner organizations. Our partners provide outreach services, case management, support services, and move people in. Open Table Nashville coordinates the actual move-in for How’s Nashville residents.

The following partners regularly participate in Friday’s meetings:

Thank you, How’s Nashville partners!