Presentation to the Poverty Council

To recap quickly the main changes and innovations the How’s Nashville partners achieved during the 100-day campaign include:

  • Forging relationships with private landlords that resulted in reduction of rents for people working with How’s Nashville partners;
  • Securing a monthly allotment of 18 Section 8 Vouchers under a new partnership with the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA); and
  • Bringing partners together to share data and work together in a way to implement a focused, personal approach avoiding duplication of services.

However, there is much to do to continue and improve the work that we started during the 100-day campaign. And How’s Nashville partners are not shying away from the hard work ahead. For one, How’s Nashville partners are in the process of determining what our monthly housing goal should be. That goal will depend largely on our effort to reach out to more landlords who are willing to partner with us and give a person a second chance.

Please contact us if you accept Section 8 vouchers and also if you have a unit available and would like to support the How’s Nashville campaign to end chronic homelessness in our community. After all, the How’s Nashville movement is all about improving lives and in the process strengthening our community.



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