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Welcome Home Party

How’s Nashville partners hosted a Welcome Home Party at the East Park Community Center today. We used the occasion to announce the achievements of our 100-day campaign.

Our campaign partners created a tremendous atmosphere where every one attending the party had the opportunity to mingle, enjoy food, laugh together, share stories, and leave with a house-warming gift. This is really what it is all about – creating a supporting and caring community where every single person has a chance to be the best he or she can be.

As you know, How’s Nashville launched a 100-day campaign on June 4 where we set a community goal to house 200 people in 100 days. During this 100-day journey, we have exceeded our expectations in many ways discovering strengths and weaknesses that will help us along the way to end chronic homelessness in Nashville within four years.

During the 100-day campaign, our community was able to assist 189 people to move into permanent supportive housing. In addition, 40 people had received Section 8 Housing vouchers (7 of whom were housed on the 100th day and are included in the 189 number).

But the actual achievements of our community are not calculated in numbers. Here are some highlights:

  • Facilitated collaborations among 30 partners from the nonprofit, business and government sectors;
  • Engaged the community to focus on ending chronic homelessness through Housing First;
  • Tripled the reported average monthly Housing Placement Rate from 19 people per month to 57 (an increase of 200%);
  • Joined the 2.5% Club of the national 100,000 Homes Campaign (at least 2.5% people identified as being vulnerable and/or chronically homeless move into permanent supportive housing each month);
  • Created community awareness around chronic homelessness and in the process raising more than $90,000 in flexible money from private donations without a fundraising campaign;
  • Met weekly with providers, all working off the same database; and
  • Encouraged community-wide reporting on monthly housing placement numbers.

Thank you to all the many supporters. Nashville is just getting started!

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