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Move-ins continue

Our community is still counting the number of people who were able to move into their own apartments during our 100 Day Campaign (189 – as of today). But our partners have not missed a beat and continue with the many tasks that direct service providers do on a daily basis to assist people who have experienced long-term homelessness with accessing permanent supportive housing.

So far, the feedback we received from our partners about the past 100 days is that they appreciated the collaborative effort that has been created around the How’s Nashville campaign. They also would like to continue pursuing a common goal that will help keep our community focus on ending chronic homelessness. Service providers, volunteers, supporters, residents who recently moved into their own apartments – everyone is excited about the 100 Day accomplishments and ready to move along with our How’s Nashville campaign.

Our next step is to examine what we have learned from the past 100 days. What are our strength and weaknesses? Our weekly meetings for service providers offer the perfect forum for confidential, honest conversation and self-reflection that allow us to improve continuously.

Please take a minute and look at our partner list. Thank our How’s Nashville partners and if someone is not listed, please let us know so we can give credit to all our partner agencies for their efforts. How’s Nashville has grown into a true community collaboration. A big shout-out goes to the 100,000 Homes Campaign, the Rapid Results Institute, HUD officials, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the teams from our peer cities that have kept us on our toes. Thank you for all your support!

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