giving an interview to Tennessean's Adam Tamburin on Sept. 11_100th day

The 100 Days are Over

September 12 marks the deadline of the How’s Nashville 100-Day Campaign.

Congratulations to all our community partners. We have garnered national attention from the 100,000 Homes Campaign and peer cities that have supported us throughout the last 100 days.

In our last blog entry you can read about our achievements, which include improving a citywide collaborative effort that tripled our average monthly housing placement rate. What does this mean in regular language? Simply that by working together in an unprecedented way, How’s Nashville partners are helping people find housing.

And as John Henry, who graciously agreed to give an interview to The Tennessean yesterday (see picture), puts it,

“I’m not a person who gives up, but sometimes we get disturbed…. Being in a home helps clear our mind, clear our way of thinking, so we can move into a direction that’s more suitable to us. Sometimes we just need a helping hand.”

At least 172 people moved into their own apartments since June 4. And we are not done counting yet.

To the question, “How’s Nashville?” We now proudly respond, “We are on a roll and continue to work together to end chronic homelessness in our city!”

Thank you Nashville!

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