One More Week until the 100-Day Deadline

We are one week from meeting our 100 Day deadline, which is on September 12, to be exact. Our goal was to house 200 people in 100 days. We are working on the August numbers and found that as of today, our Nashville community has helped 171 people move into permanent housing in June, July and August (August numbers are still being verified). With 11 more days in September (we set our deadline at 12:01 AM on Sept. 12), we will likely get very close to our 100-day goal.

Today, the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, one of the lead partners of the How’s Nashville campaign received our 90-Day Report. Our How’s Nashville campaign’s key achievements are:

  • Sharing housing numbers as a community;
  • Looking at the same database in our weekly provider meetings (about a dozen organizations participate);
  • Creating community awareness (and in the process raising $90,000 in flexible funds without a fundraising campaign);
  • Entering and staying in the 2.5% Club of the 100,000 Homes Campaign, which means we’re on track to end chronic homelessness in four years;
  • Trippling the housing placement rate in our community;
  • Engaging the community to focus on ending chronic homelessness through Housing First;
  • Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!

Thank you to all our partners!

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