Op-Ed highlights How’s Nashville Achievements

Our very own Will Connelly, who heads the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, penned an op-ed that was published in today’s Tennessean. In his column, Will highlights the achievements of our community towards housing vulnerable people experiencing homelessness thanks to the collaboration of How’s Nashville partners.

While we may or may not reach our 100-Day goal, set on June 4, of housing 200 people by Sept. 12, we have already changed how our city responds to the crisis of homelessness. Together we have improved our community’s housing placement rate. Prior to the How’s Nashville effort, an average of 19 people experiencing long-term homelessness were recorded as moving from the street into permanent housing on a monthly basis. Now, that average housing placement rate has jumped to 54 people per month.

The 100-Day goal matters. It allowed us to create strong, sustainable partnerships. It allows us to set a common goal and work together toward that common goal. It improved the way we, as a community, house people in need.

We still have a lot to do, but thanks to all our partners and supporters, we had a great start. We created a collaborative effort we can build upon and we, as a city, are on our way to end chronic homelessness in four years.

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