June Housing Placement

Nashville On Track to End Chronic Homelessness

Every month, the 100,000 Homes Campaign helps evaluate Nashville’s housing placement rate. For the latest official housing numbers, visit our June 2013 Housing Placement Report.

Thanks to our many local partners, our community has been able to join the 2.5% Club and receive national recognition at this year’s National Alliance to End Homelessness conference in Washington, D.C. While our long-term goal is to consistently house more than 2.5% of our chronic and vulnerable homeless population, we have set a sub-goal to house 200 people in 100 days. Our deadline is coming up on September 12. We are getting close, but need urgent help to identify more housing opportunities. Please assist us in reaching out to local landlords who are willing to work with us.

While we celebrate our successes, we also recognize that a lot remains to be done. How’s Nashville is a long-term movement. Our partners who have worked on ending homelessness for years recognize that together we achieve our goals quicker. That’s why, after only three months working together on launching our local campaign, we were able to reach our 2.5% housing placement rate. Thank you to all our partners for making How’s Nashville what it is.

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