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Move-In Day for John Henry

Wednesday, August 28, 2013, was a special day for John Henry, who has experienced homelessness off and on for years. He said he first became homeless as a teenager. His last permanent housing was over a year ago. The night before his move-in, he spent at the Nashville Rescue Mission.

He is a Contributor vendor and when he heard about the current struggles of The Contributor, Nashville’s street paper, he immediately started thinking about what he can do to encourage his clients to make a tax-deductible donation to The Contributor, which is struggling to keep the paper published. The income from the paper sales is what will pay his rent for now.

John is a writer and has published articles in The Contributor. He also agreed to support the How’s Nashville campaign by sharing his story and writing a blog entry for us in the near future. Yesterday, Open Table Nashville, moved John into his new apartment. He signed his lease, received his keys and helped move the furniture in. Congratulations, John!

How’s Nashville partners are in need of landlords willing to work with us to move more people like John Henry from the streets into permanent supportive housing. Please contact Will Connelly at if you have affordable housing opportunities.


Nashville pushes national campaign over 65,000

The national 100,000 Homes Campaign reports that nationwide communities have housed more than 65,000 people as of now.

Nashville was featured today as lifting the movement over the 65,000 mark. Thank you to all communities who work so hard to end chronic homelessness. The goal of the 100,000 Homes Campaign is to house 100,000 people who are vulnerable and experienced long-term homelessness by July 2014.

A big shout-out goes to all our How’s Nashville partners. CONGRATULATIONS for being recognized on a national level!


Op-Ed highlights How’s Nashville Achievements

Our very own Will Connelly, who heads the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, penned an op-ed that was published in today’s Tennessean. In his column, Will highlights the achievements of our community towards housing vulnerable people experiencing homelessness thanks to the collaboration of How’s Nashville partners.

While we may or may not reach our 100-Day goal, set on June 4, of housing 200 people by Sept. 12, we have already changed how our city responds to the crisis of homelessness. Together we have improved our community’s housing placement rate. Prior to the How’s Nashville effort, an average of 19 people experiencing long-term homelessness were recorded as moving from the street into permanent housing on a monthly basis. Now, that average housing placement rate has jumped to 54 people per month.

The 100-Day goal matters. It allowed us to create strong, sustainable partnerships. It allows us to set a common goal and work together toward that common goal. It improved the way we, as a community, house people in need.

We still have a lot to do, but thanks to all our partners and supporters, we had a great start. We created a collaborative effort we can build upon and we, as a city, are on our way to end chronic homelessness in four years.

June Housing Placement

Nashville On Track to End Chronic Homelessness

Every month, the 100,000 Homes Campaign helps evaluate Nashville’s housing placement rate. For the latest official housing numbers, visit our June 2013 Housing Placement Report.

Thanks to our many local partners, our community has been able to join the 2.5% Club and receive national recognition at this year’s National Alliance to End Homelessness conference in Washington, D.C. While our long-term goal is to consistently house more than 2.5% of our chronic and vulnerable homeless population, we have set a sub-goal to house 200 people in 100 days. Our deadline is coming up on September 12. We are getting close, but need urgent help to identify more housing opportunities. Please assist us in reaching out to local landlords who are willing to work with us.

While we celebrate our successes, we also recognize that a lot remains to be done. How’s Nashville is a long-term movement. Our partners who have worked on ending homelessness for years recognize that together we achieve our goals quicker. That’s why, after only three months working together on launching our local campaign, we were able to reach our 2.5% housing placement rate. Thank you to all our partners for making How’s Nashville what it is.

Michael Johnson

Looking for Section 8 Landlords

To date, we’ve housed 115 people towards our 100-day goal of housing 200 vulnerable and chronically homeless people. That is reason to celebrate! Nashville, as a community, has surpassed all expectations and increased the monthly housing placement rate from fewer than 20 people per month at the beginning of this year to over 60 in July!

Yet, our true challenge is now. We have only one month left until Sept. 12 and need to house 85 more people. That’s a huge challenge and we need help to identify housing opportunities. If you know of landlords who are willing to work with How’s Nashville partners, please contact La Toya Carter at

Specifically, we are looking for landlords who accept Section 8 Vouchers.