43 new homes in June!

On June 4th, How’s Nashville set an “unreasonable, but believable” goal of housing 200 people experiencing chronic homelessness in 100 days.  The first 30 days are complete, and our community hit our 30-day housing goal on the head.  43 people are off the streets and in new homes!  Check out our recent press release here: Hows_Nashville_070313.

Our July housing goal is even more ambitious!  We want 76 more people to find new homes in July.  Here are our most pressing needs to meet this goal:

  • Storage unit/facility for furniture
  • Volunteers (with transportation) to move furniture
  • Apartments at reduced rents (tenant signs a lease and pays 30% of whatever their income is plus utilities)
  • Landlords who accept Section 8 housing vouchers (and are willing to get their units pre-inspected by MDHA)

We have other needs, but housing is the most important one.  Thanks to everyone who has pitched in so far!  If you can help us meet any of the needs above, please contact Judy Tackett at the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission at 615-880-2360 or

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