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Youth Homelessness

In June 2016, after four months of planning, Nashville youth and young adult (YYA) homelessness providers came together to announce a new plan called The Key Action Plan: Opening Doors for Youth & Young Adults Experiencing Homelessness in Nashville.

It is important to understand that The Key Action Plan is not a strategic plan – rather, it is an 18-month, action-oriented plan that builds the starting point for developing a collaborative, comprehensive approach to addressing YYA homelessness in our city. The plan is aligned with the federal framework to end youth homelessness.

Since then, the community partners have shifted from planning to implementing the action steps outlined in the plan. Some of the updates include:

  • Funding was secured to assist YYA who ask for help from Traveler’s Aid at the Rescue Mission to be reunited with family.
  • LGBT cultural competency trainings are offered to local homelessness providers.
  • Police officers started a pilot project to work closely with a street outreach team.
  • Nashville participated in the Voices of Youth Count project, which will result in better local data on YYA homelessness.
  • A team is working on coordinated entry for YYA to help improve access to appropriate services.
  • YYA dedicated shelter beds will be offered on 7 days a week during the cold weather months.
  • A community dinner will be held at Room In The Inn for YYA struggling with homelessness.
  • Oasis Center and Urban Housing Solutions created a partnership to designate 19 units for permanent supportive housing opportunities for YYA.
  • Workforce development discussions for youth in our city are including a focus on YYA experiencing homelessness.

Please check out the Website that contains information on The Key Action Plan and follow the effort on Facebook/KeyPlanNashville

Who has influenced the way we speak about ending homelessness?

A recent article lists 10 of the most influential people who have impacted the way we talk about homelessness in America today.

The How’s Nashville movement was created as the local effort in support of the 100,000 Homes Campaign, which was led by Community Solutions. Rosanne Haggerty (pictured here), president and CEO of Community Solutions, is just one of the leaders featured in this article.

Groups who work toward preventing and ending homelessness for individuals, families with children, and unaccompanied youth, look to national leaders for ideas and guidance on how we can achieve our goals.