Monthly Archives: August 2016

The role of funders in ending homelessness

We all understand the importance of private funders in supporting the goals of the private sector. That’s why the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission is engaged in preliminary talks with funders who are interested in learning more about what roles private foundations play in other cities. We organized an initial exploratory call with Funders Together to End Homelessness after hearing them speak at the National Alliance to End Homelessness conference in August.

Funders Together is a national nonprofit organization that provides technical assistance to local and regional funders who are interested in organizing around the goal of ending homelessness. What we learned in that call is that Nashville is in a great starting place with the Focus Strategies Report, which allows funders to have a starting discussion on the role they could play to implement a systemic approach to move Nashvillians out of homelessness.

The next steps? The Homelessness Commission will continue our conversation with local funders and if there is critical interest, we will help them link with resources available through Funders Together.

Housing Placements 2nd Quarter 2016

Do you recall when in early 2015, the How’s Nashville leadership group decided to participate in the Zero: 2016 campaign? Consequently, the local community set a goal to house 2,016 people by 2016.

As a community, we wanted to assist 1,421 people who were experiencing chronic homelessness or were literally homeless and extremely vulnerable with permanent supportive housing. In addition, we set a goal to help 595 Veterans obtain permanent housing.

The most recent housing placement data shows… we are within reach of our 2016 by 2016 goal!

To date, the Nashville community through the How’s Nashville initiative has assisted 1,025 people experiencing chronic homelessness and 412 Veterans. In addition, How’s Nashville partners managed to set a new record in May by assisting 88 people experiencing chronic homelessness with housing.

Congratulations, Nashville provider agencies!