Monthly Residents Meeting

Congratulations to all our new residents on obtaining permanent housing!

We are now hosting a monthly How’s Nashville Residents Meeting. As a How’s Nashville resident you are welcome to join us on the third Wednesday of every month at 9 a.m. for breakfast, education, fun, and giveaways (each participant will receive a day bus pass – and if you come to 3 out of 4 meetings, you’ll get a 30-day bus pass).

Our first meeting was a great success!

Thank you to all our partners, especially Centerstone, the Nashville Rescue Mission, Open Table Nashville, the Mental Health Cooperative, the VA, Park Center, the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, and Nashville Cares.

A special shout-out goes to the sponsor of our door prizes - the Community Resource Center.

Housing Navigator Training

How’s Nashville hosted its first housing navigator training. We have been working on clarifying roles and processes.

With close to 700 people housed since June 2013 in our community, we find it helpful to ensure that all our housing navigators are trained on the How’s Nashville navigation process. Thank you Karri and Deon from the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission on helping to implement this important step.

If you are working full-time with an organization that serves people who experience chronic homelessness and you are interested in learning more about the How’s Nashville housing navigator trainings, please email karri.simpson@nashville.gov or judith.tackett@nashville.gov.



Community Solutions’ Problem-solving Process

Community Solutions is the national organization that gained attention when its 100,000 Homes Campaign exceeded its goal in June 2014 to help communities permanently house 100,000 vulnerable people who experienced chronic homelessness. The success was featured on 60 Minutes who sent Anderson Cooper to Nashville to cover the How’s Nashville campaign as an example of what communities can achieve when they focus on their available resources.

In a new article about Community Solution, Roseanne Haggerty focuses on the problem-solving process that has proven successful in cities across the nation including Nashville. The key steps to that process are:

  • Identify the early adopters and leaders in a community;
  • Help them really understand the problem and see it as a shared problem, one they can solve together;
  • Help them map the current reality to see exactly where they are now;
  • Set specific and ambitious goals; and
  • Develop a plan, a data-driven timeline, to reach the goal.

Read the full article, which also includes input from Will Connelly, the director of the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, who speaks on the importance of creating a sense of urgency.

housing placement_June2013-sep 2014

Housing Placements

Each month, organizations that help people who experience chronic homelessness identify and obtain permanent housing report their housing placement data to the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission.

Our most recent housing placement numbers for Nashville are as follows:

Since June 4, 2013, to September 1, 2014, 673 people who have experienced chronic and/or vulnerable homelessness obtained permanent housing.

The How’s Nashville campaign has more than doubled the monthly housing placement rate  in Nashville over the past 16 months. The monthly housing placement rate increased from about 19 people per month to 45 people per month.

Thank you, Nashville service providers!


Retention Rate Jun-Aug14

80% of people remain successfully housed after one year

How’s Nashville partners are proud to announce that our latest housing retention report shows that 80% of the households who moved into their own homes last year are still in housing.

How’s Nashville follows a permanent supportive housing approach, which links people with services in their home. Starting in October, How’s Nashville is implementing a support services coordinator position at the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission to make it even easier for partners to link people with needed support services as they move into their new homes.

Our efforts are not only focused on assisting people from the streets into housing but also to give every person the option to be linked to support services. If you would like to assist one of our How’s Nashville participants, please consider making a donation to cover move-in costs.


A Snapshot of Chronic Homelessness in Nashville

Between February and August of 2014, How’s Nashville partners conducted 716 surveys with individuals who have experienced long-term homelessness. The following data reveals the a snapshot homelessness for individuals in Nashville.

Specifically, the data stems from a common assessment tool (self-reported survey) called VI-SPDAT.

  • 516 or 81% out of 716 surveyed experience chronic homelessness;
  • 88% have compromised mental health;
  • 37% report head trauma or brain injury;
  • 78% have a serious health condition;
  • 69% have substance abuse.

The 516 people who have experienced chronic homelessness accounted for:

  • 917 ambulance rides;
  • 2,196 police interactions;
  • 1,806 emergency room visits.

In addition, of the 516 people, 53% have no health insurance and 49% have tri-morbidity meaning that they are dealing with mental and physical health and substance use issues.